What is the sculpture in front of the library called and what does it represent?

The large work of art in front of the library and visible from all around the Smith Mall is called "Universal Continuum" by its creator Beverly Stucker Precious, an Indianapolis artist. Here is her description of its forms and what they represents:

Grounded in the traditional materials of limestone and bronze, the sculpture represents the continuum of time and knowledge as they support and intersect each other.

As the viewer approaches the sculpture, a book-like shape gracefully arcs upward [and there are] abstract patterns laser-cut into stainless steel plates with fused dichroic glass inside -- the book of knowledge revealed.

Another plane of laser-cut stainless steel and fused dichroic glass bisects the book-like shape creating a planetary or universal kinetic quality. Arcs of stainless steel tubes fashioned into ladder shapes help provide support, culminating in a sphere -- the progression of time.

The sculpture, though made of high-tech materials, also has a natural feel to it. The organic "pod" opens to reveal a "seed" of knowledge -- the continuous series of growth.

The sculpture was commissioned to celebrate the centennial of the University of Indianapolis and was funded by an anonymous donor. It was dedicated during centennial celebrations on October 13th, 2002.