How do I locate journals?

A-Z Journal List

The easiest way to locate journals is to use the A-Z Journal List on the library webpage. The A-Z Journal List shows all journals owned by the library, either in printed form, on microfiche / film, or online. You can scroll through the alphabetical list or enter the journal name (or partial name) in the search box. Once you find a journal in the list, click on the Lookup icon to find the location of the journal and the date range that is available. If a journal is not listed, the library does not have it. Articles from journals not owned by the library may be ordered through Interlibrary Loan.

A-Z Journal List Tutorial 1 - Finding out if the library has a particular journal available full-text online

A-Z Journal List Tutorial 2 - Finding out if the library has a particular journal available in printed format

Finding Printed-Format Journals on the Shelf

Journals in printed format are shelved by call number and are intermixed with books on the shelves, with the exception of issues in the current year. These issues are shelved alphabetically on the first floor for easy browsing. Current year shelves are divided into two main groups: 1) Newspapers & Popular Magazines and 2) Academic Journals. A chart showing call number locations in the library is posted by the elevator on each floor of the library and in the stairwells, as well as on the library website at About Us/Library Locations.