What is Primo?

PRIMO is a new search tool that makes research easier. Traditionally, effective research involves using a variety of tools to find different kinds of materials like books, media items, articles, and electronic books. PRIMO lets you search for all of these materials with just one search.

Some of PRIMO's advantages:

Does PRIMO replace the KML Catalog and KML databases?

Do I have to use PRIMO?

No. The Catalog and the Library's databases can still be accessed on the Library site. PRIMO has simply been added as an easier alternative to traditional searching.

Tutorial: Primo Basic Searching

This tutorial demonstrates how to use Primo to search the library databases and catalog to find articles, books and media items all in one search.

Tutorial: Primo - My Account & e-Shelf

This tutorial demonstrates how to use personalized features in Primo to view your library account and save your searches.